E-mail Campaign

Getting your e-marketing campaign to the right decision makers within the travel industry is an art. Like all marketing campaigns, the quality of the ad is what motivates the buyers to respond. Axium Marketing will help you ensure that your e-mail campaign is formatted in all three formats; html, AOL and text, that it is easily received and perfectly displayed on the screen of your buyer, and just as important that the ad is adapted to the country and market segment that you wish to target.
This means that we will help you translate your email into the language of your buyer, and thanks to our powerful servers we will also ensure that he/she receives your email at the same time and during the most optimal time / date of the week.

You may also personalize your e-marketing campaigns tourism!

Your e-marketing campaign will be sent directly to the product managers. The email will be sent as if it was sent by you and all replies, requests for quotes, brochures or more info will come straight back to you for your follow up with your new client. As our database includes the names of the product manager as well as company name, you may also personalize you e-marketing campaigns!

A week after your campaign has been sent we send you the statistics relating to your e-marketing campaign, the statistics show how many emails received, how many emails opened, how many visits to your web site etc. The statistics measures the success of your campaigns.

Workshops, Roadshows, and Educational Tours

Axium Marketing has extensive experience in organizing workshops and road shows not only in Paris, France but in all major European cities (London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Geneva, Stockholm, Milan, Madrid…). We organize on average 10 – 15 workshops a year, mostly for international tourist offices. We will help you:

  • Find and identify the perfect date and venue for your event

  • Negociate rates according to your budget

  • Coordinate technical requirements for your presentation

  • Send out e-invites and/or hard copy invites

  • Build a database over buyers you would like to invite, buyers invited and buyers that have confirmed their presence at your event

  • Inform the professional press about your event

  • On the day of your event senior Axium Marketing staff and multilingual hostesses will be present to coordinate your event and ensure it is a success.
    Axium Marketing can also assist you with the invites and organization of your educational tour, and we have senior marketing staff which can accompany your famtrips.


We can translate your website, brochures and of course your e-marketing campaigns into perfect marketing French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Cost for translation 120 Euro per page (200 words).

Please send us an email to receive quote This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.